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Warany is a brand that arises from idea of revaluing national crafts. We create fashion accessories under the "slow fashion" philosophy, merging tradition and innovation, through modern designs made with Paraguayan artisan techniques. 

We promote and preserve the art and knowledge that has passed down through several generations, providing decent income and employment to artisans. 

Warany is proud to expose products made from local raw materials and human resources and seeks to make known and appreciated not only in our homeland but also beyond our boarders.


SinuForYou was born and inspired by the Colombian Sabanero Caribbean, in its vibrant culture and ancestral artisan traditions. We create handbags for women that combine culture, fashion and tradition in each design, hand in hand with the artisans of the region, so that with them you can live that unknown Caribbean of Colombia.                      



I am Maria Cristina Huaco, founder and CEO of Sagrada, a sustainable alpaca clothing brand. Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Direction and Management of Fashion Companies at the European Institute of Design IED in Madrid, Spain; with studies in Fashion Design at the ESMOD School in Istanbul, Turkey.

My experience of living and studying in Europe made me really appreciate the value that the alpaca has and can have in the rest of the world; value, which together with the ancestral-textile talent that many Peruvian artists have; It led me to undertake this adventure that is only beginning: Sagrada.


Persida Louison

Louison was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She graduated with a Fashion and Fine Arts degree from the International Academy of Merchandising and Design of Chicago.

While in school, Louison was recruited to be the head wardrobe specialist by Mrs. Eunice Johnson, the Fashion Editor of Ebony Magazine. There she traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Caribbean islands over a two-year period and became Mrs. Johnson’s protégé. Soon after, Louison obtained the opportunity to showcase her designs in Ebony and Jet Magazines.


Marco Bonilla

After deeply knowing the materials and techniques of traditional jewelry for more than
26 years of experience, lately, I have decided to experiment with resources and more
varied processes, searching to subvert the design and its function.

Keeping this in mind has absolutely changed my concept of design, engineering ideas
that now actually allow me to take the most of local tradition, symbolism, flora and
fauna, trying to meet my personal experiences with multiples identities that I represent
as an artist, designer, citizen and Honduran in a global world.

My concept is also concerned with leaving the original colors of the materials untouched
to deliver the brute data that results from their presence and mutual encounters,
rescuing the symbolic background, like in the case of indigenous polychrome.


Icha Cantero

Icha was born in the mountainous city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, or Teguzgalpa in the native language, meaning "Silver Hills".  As a mining city in Central America, Tegucigalpa is well-known for the creativity of its artisans. Icha is a third-generation member of a well-known family of jewelers and goldsmiths in Honduras.  From the moment that she could hold a pencil, Icha began to design jewelry.  She became an apprentice in the family's jewelry workshop at the age of 14.  When she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2017, she found the medium with which she would fall in love and incorporate into her jewelry designs. That medium is Polymer Clay.  It offers flexibility, lightweight, malleability, and a wide range of beautiful colors.  These features make Polymer Clay a dream medium for an artist like Icha.  Polymer Clay is perfect for letting her imagination fly.  Icha's designs are inspired by nature, with all of its variations, textures, and infinite possibilities, which may include metallic, translucent, matte, and others.


Feel The Andes

We are an ethnic and sustainable brand and our mission is to promote our ancient Andean heritage throughout the world , keeping and preserving the essence of nature and its people. 

Our products are hand made direct by artisans of the Andean region of Ecuador, we provide unique fair trade products, also handcraft jewelry, home decor and alpaca hand knit of high quality.


We believe in social and climate responsibility, intercultural exchange and the true value of a handmade craft made with passion by our artisans to bring you the best quality products from the middle of the world. 


We re committed to leave a positive mark in the world helping people and communities. We want to ensure that Ecuadorian textile heritage transcend all possible borders.


Asiri Designs

ASIRI is an embrace of the artisan quality of yesteryear, animated with the sense of sophistication and passion for details, those that reinforce the identity and personal style. Leather is the noble protagonist that, along with other high-quality materials, give life to each of the fine and unique products made entirely by hand, which are designed to evolve together with their owner, combining functionality with the timeless beauty of aesthetic simplicity.

Created by the sisters Valeria and Heidi Zárate, this brand of bags and accessories has a line of products inspired by the Jalq'a and Tarabuco Culture of Bolivia, reflecting in their designs the magic, mystery and charm of the fabrics and clothing of these cultures, rich in meaning and with a story to tell.

"ASIRI" means in Quechua language "Smile", this word was chosen as the name of the Brand, due to the desire to convey positivity and a good attitude towards life.

Ana Glow

Ana Cristina Lozano born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1986. Better known as Ana Low,
Interior architect and plastic artist with foray into styling, fashion design and accessories
contemporaries. Her style is characterized by the elaboration of large pieces, the use of stones
semi precious combined with alternative materials and up-cycling.


Apache Tribu

Apache Tribu was born in 2017 with a lot of enthusiasm and love to create a project as a union between the members, mother, and two sisters.

Apache Tribu is a fashion brand that combines modern designs with traditional techniques. His pieces show the authenticity and diversity of Mexican culture, drawing inspiration from traditions, flora, fauna, and places in Mexico.

All the pieces are designed by Maria Acosta and manufactured by Wixarika artisans. Designed together with engineering and the professional career of the three partners, have created an authentic and fun brand, always with the highest quality priority. Some of its collections are inspired by the sky, the Day of the Dead, and techniques of  Mexican traditions such as dyes.