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 JAER CABÁN is a fashion designer from the island of Puerto Rico. He was born on October 6, 1984, in San Juan, raised in the municipality of Carolina. There he studied his early years at Juanita Méndez Public School. His intermediate and higher studies were at the Central School of Visual Arts, where he developed his knowledge and skills in Art and Fashion.

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Fernando Gantier, Dominican/Puerto Rican fashion designer. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Course architecture studies at NYU. Design d Modas in Parsons and FIT, in New York and at Le Ecole de Beaux-Arts, in Paris, France. He has worked for different firms, such as Norma Kamali and Fabrece. 

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In Venezuela he started at the age of 15 incorporating in the world of fashion and working for several fashion houses in the State of CARABOBO. 

At the age of 22 he decided to take a step further in the middle of all his work and create his first collection as a independent designers. Managing to dress Venezuela's Starlets and Celebrities; KERLY RUIZ,  CATERINA VALENTINO, ALEXANDRA BRAUN AND NORELIS RODRIGUEZ. Also dressing Beauty Pageant  Contestants; MISS EARTH, MY UNIVERSE AND  MY TOURISM.  His talents continue on to designing Gala Dresses, Bridal, and Quinceañeras. He has been requested to present his talent to the world of fashion nationally and internationally. Getting to know this amazing talent.




Chicago-based couturier James De Colon is a native New Yorker with strong ties to his homeland San Juan, Puerto Rico. Designing apparel from ready-to-wear to high-fashion eveningwear, as well as, custom designs for a legion of private clientele: De Colon designs with real women in mind, women who are confident enough in their lives to wear clothing that is unique, sophisticated and classic. Says De Colon, my designs have longevity, and can be worn year after year, without going out of style.

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 Chicago based, high-end, and electronic clothing line. We're looking to help your everyday style be effortless and easy. From edge to fit, we have you covered. We create a way for locals to be inclusive in the design process regarding ethical, exclusive clothing.The client will be part of the design process as much as they prefer.


Lugó Lugó

Lugó Lugó is a men’s fashion firm with Latin American identity created by brothers Daniel and Alejandro Lugó, inspired by time travel and mixing European roots with the traditions of the tropics. The name of the firm comes from our first name and is the reflection of two visions contained in the same idea.


Who wear Lugó Lugó? He is an elegant but not boring man who crosses the border between traditional and modern, he is a man who wants to dress to reflect his emotions in the most important moments of his life, he is a man who understands fashion as a communication tool, a tool that is not transgressive but is built from the details. The Lugó Lugó man is someone who conceives the world from his abilities but also from his fears and finds balance in our proposal



Inspired in the torpical flora and fauna of Colombia as well as in this country's rich ethnic variety, NAJASH presents its products of unique design, elaborated by hand, reviving the centuries-old handcrafts and traditional graphic language of two indigenous cultures: the EMBERI CHAMI and the WAYUU. The result of their designs is pieces full of vibrant life, mirrors of the South American tropical landscapes, playing with the magic and ancient art of their indigenous cultures.


Singrid, founder and designer of NAJASH, explains how each piece of this unique handcraft designed to show the traditional elements of the Colombian indigenous ethnics, with a special contemporeanean touch of luxury for each model. NAJASH represents the identity and the authenticity of its ethnics. Each exclusive model has the magic feeling of their pure essence. 



The story of a profesional education institution as Jannette Klein University can only resume with one word: Passion.

Passion to créate, guide and innovation, those are the main strenghts that have made our university grow for about 32 years adapting in a industry that changes very quickly as the fashion and design industry does. This vision combined with our commitment for education new generations. Nowdays, we want to show the new generations , the future profesionals of design, how we transformed our passion in a life goal based in creativity, innovation and cutting Edge technology.



The New Black, is a Honduran clothing brand that was born in order to create unique, contemporary and accessible designs for anyone who feels identified with it. Most of our designs are completely unisex. Because we don't believe in gender when it comes about fashion. I started selling clothing in 2013 in social media, which I still do it, but it wasn't until 2015 when I decided to reinvent it as a brand. In 2016 I opened my first establishment in the city of Comayagua. Currently I have my own workshop in which I design, make the patterns and the sample in order to launch it into production.

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Cosita Linda (Spanish for Pretty Little Things) was founded in 2006 by Colombian fashion designer Natalia Gaviria. She gave life to the brand that merges her Colombian roots and the sensual flavors of the Caribbean.


Thirteen years later the brand has become a well-known and competitive name in the international swimwear industry. Cosita Linda has positioned itself in numerous countries in Europe, Central, and South America.


Our products are sold in more than 35 countries worldwide with our flagship store in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.




Es una dama apasionada por la cultura; incansable promotora del arte, simultáneamente sensible, audaz y visionaria que ama profundamente a Honduras, y es capaz de lanzarse hasta la temeridad sin escatimar sacrificios con tal que el país esté representado dignamente en el ámbito cultural. En 1964 como tesis de bachiller hizo una investigación llamada "Un ensayo sobre la Belleza" esto hablaba de la estética y de las tendencias de Bellas Artes, desde entonces Doña Bonnie ya se apasionaba por el arte. En los 90’s doña Bonnie de García junto a Juanita Bermúdez de la Galería Códice de Nicaragua, Carmen Albacete de Plástica contemporánea Guatemala y Marta Antillón de Valanti, Costa Rica. Fundan CAUSA (Centroamérica unida por su arte). El lema de esta asociación era: “lo que los gobernantes no han consolidado con la política lo haremos nosotros por medio del arte”. 




Con más  de tres décadas dedicadas al mundo de la moda, la diseñadora Giannina Azar asegura que la perseverancia, creatividad, disciplina, y la fe en uno mismo,  son las claves para triunfar en cualquier area. A sus 38 años dedicados a la confeccion se siente realizada pero con ganas de seguir creciendo y triunfando en las pasarelas.



Esta colección primavera verano 2020/2021 parte puramente de nues- tros orígenes, donde la idea generadora trata sobre la riqueza de nuestra tierra y el valor de lo que nace de ella. Inspirada en los caminos de cultivos a modo de volados y surcos que generan texturas interminables al igual que los primeros caminos realizados por los pobladores que fueron creando grandes ciudades e industrias que se formaron en los alre- dedores de los ferrocarriles.



The enormous sensitivity of Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González led them to study Plastic Arts. There, in the middle of the university environment, one day they meet and the empathy that flows in the middle of the classrooms is the beginning of a story called Alado.


Alado is the union of the stories that have surrounded Andrés and Alejandro, of their undoubted passion for art and fashion, but at the same time, Alado is the persistence and clarity to communicate a language and an aesthetic through their creations, coherent and differentiated, which has positioned the brand as one of the most outstanding and with the greatest projection in Colombian independent design.

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Jorge Rey tiene 21 años, joven, fresco, creativo, innovador, arriesgado y decidido, son algunos de los rasgos que más caracterizan a este diseñador, con su charm, elegancia y un look distintivo. Logra crear en cada una de sus colecciones diseños únicos con un concepto claro y definido, creando realidad y deslumbrando a cada persona que desea disfrutar una experiencia.




Gary Gonzalez was born on March 22, 1964 in the beautiful city of Chicago.


One year after graduating high school, Gary enrolled at The International Academy of Merchandising and Design in the fashion design program.


While in school Mr. Gonzalez' talents were noticed by Grignon Photo Studio and he was offered his first professional photo shoot which led to his clothes being seen by Nana Sullivan, owner of the unique Japanese inspired boutique, TOSHIRO.

Gary's clothes were immediately picked up and he was featured as the only American designer in the store

At the ripe young age of 56, Gary has enjoyed a rewarding life of Brotherhood, Fatherhood, Grandfatherhood, Love...

... and FASHION!!!




Atellier Organic Joyas de Autor makes jewelry, with handcraft desgins, handmade, with ecologic process and semiprecious stones from local suppliers of the LATAM’s mines.

Fashion designer Patricia Guzman, being a single mother, facing the difficulties of gender equality in the professional field in a developing country, decides to undertake with her daughter Nathalie. Initiating in the dining room in their house a brand focused on the ecology and support women.