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A Summer to Feel

At the core of summer 2023, there are several cultural experiences and feelings we are looking for authenticity, belonging, and most prominent of all, nostalgia. It has been said repeatedly, the pandemic generated by the COVID virus had rendered some of us in the comfort, and security of our own homes, whilst still grasping for a dash of normalcy amongst the chaos over the past four years. Now, as we peek from beneath the sheet, we are more than happy to surround ourselves with and demand that which makes us feel.

The fashion cycle has taken note of the latter and has fast-tracked us into a more polished, well thought, and intentional nostalgia. To many a millennial’s surprise, trends that would have been considered totally lame and even those that were transitioned out of style (see: skinny jeans, low-rise jeans, skinny eyebrows, jelly shoes, etc., etc.) are making their way back to the mainstream market with the sophisticated and intentional twist Gen Z demands. We’re seeing the return of the 80’s volume and texture paired with iconic 90’s minimalism, comfort, and vibe,

bright and vibrant statement pieces with classical and tailored pieces, high waist garments, and most of all the lack of fear for texture and raw materials.

Long skirts, boyfriend jeans, platform sneakers, ballerina flats, tailored trousers sequins, and glitter all dominated the runways this past season; thus, giving way to a warm and familiar feeling toward the different collections and fashion houses. Swimsuits have been reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90’s with their higher hemlines for the gentlemen, high thigh cut, and high waist, along with the once scandalous Brazilian style bikini bottom, and classic halter triangle bikini top for the ladies. These styles, reminiscent of just a few years ago, are available

in your classic summer colors and, but will be mainly featured in neutral reds, bright greens, lavender, and indigo blues.

The fluidity present in each one of the fashion shows was tangible, as it not only reflected the social changes we are going through as a society but also our need for everything to flow. Materials used were able to create movement, as well as reflected, as seen in Zimmerman’s gold foil ensemble and their long-sleeved color-washed dress. Technology also had moments, during Loewe’s SS 2023, although a mocking one, with a pixelated printed outfit, and Coperni with their press crazy painted on a dress; technology continues to evolve and innovate the industry in

ways unfathomable to many.

Although all these styles have been interpreted for us on the runway, how exactly do we translate them into our day to day? I’m glad you asked.

Let us start with beach and pool wear. As it has been mentioned, SS 2023 will see a surge in raw textures and unfinished, but ethically sourced looks. Think linen materials, cotton blends, and for swimsuits more ethically and transparently sourced processes from supply to market. Thanks to the ever-growing awareness of body positivity, style-wise, we’ll see different silhouettes to accommodate everybody (took long enough), and every comfort level for both men and women. Coverups will no longer be your tired-out kaftan, but a linen blend with a paint-washed print and fringes (another summer staple), paired with a woven sandal, will allow you to go from the beach to drinks in no time.

For those who are in the city or in an office for most of the summer, do not fret, there is so much fun to be had. Now with sequins and sparkles being a more predominant staple in everyone’s capsule wardrobe, these are no longer styles reserved for the evening. Part of the 80’s and 90’s blend happening during the summer of 2023, is to incorporate a classic piece (think a trouser, jeans, an oversized blazer, or a white button-down), with a statement piece (think a bold print, a fringed shirt, a sequined top or skirt, a pearl sown trouser, or lamé trousers). Following this formula will keep an elegant, yet fashion-forward approach to your wardrobe.

Accessories will also have a special highlight during this season. As we look forward to being seen, finally, and to express our true personalities, accessories will take the lead. From chunky gold statements, and shoulder-grazing jewelry to fringed handbags, your summer outfits have no choice but to dazzle as much as you have.

Summer 2023 is fast approaching, and we couldn't be more thrilled to step into it with unbridled glory. So, embrace the authenticity, the nostalgia, and the sense of belonging that this season brings. Let your fashion choices reflect your true self, and may your summer be filled with joyful moments, unforgettable experiences, and the undeniable feeling of being alive.


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